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Flack Family History

Flack family history, as told by James M Flack to James M Flack II, 1980

May 4, 2006

My father James M. Flack told me in 1980 the following facts about his father and mother, Pop and Mom.  I wrote these down in a pocket notebook, tore the pages out and stored them in the bottom of a lock box I’ve had since grade school.  Yesterday I was looking for something else and found these notes on that conversation.  I’ll transcribe them because I had taken them in short hand as we had the conversation.  

Jim Flack, II

San Francisco

“Pop 83 died 1970 

Born 1886

In Tennessee

Greensbough NC

Guilford County, NC

Pop’s dad married twice

Pop was from the 2nd wife

Pop’s dad was from Tennessee

Moved from NC to Tenn. in 1980’s

Newbern, Tenn. 

And Pop was born in Newbern

J. P. Flack- Newbern

105 years – son of Pop’s dad’s brother

Pop was an orphan-his dad was old at his birth (50-60)

Therefore both parents died when he was young

Pop lived with J.P. Flack and his family 11 or 12 or so

Promised horse and saddle at 16- he then headed west to Oklahoma Territory. 

Then to southern Mississippi lumber business and became a saw filer moving up to a superintendent of the woods – Stephenson Miss.- SW Mississippi –Amite County near Natchez

Foster Creek Lumber Co folded in Depression

1931 Crosby Lumber Co started mill up again 

2 years only in Depression.

Began garden I acre; fed community.

Dad (JMF) went to college in Cleveland, Miss.; worked in Shaw, Miss. Afterwards

1933-4 heart attack for Pop

Mom was Postmaster in Crosby

Pascagoula in 1940 

House and store (grocery)


Boo – 2nd base; Dad converted him to pitcher

Mom was youngest of 7 sisters- Mt Olive, Miss

Mom – 5 years younger 

Married at 17

Mom was 22 when JMF was born

JMF knew Mom’s father

Chester Swore – son of Mom’s sister

Pop’s dad was a farmer in both states (NC and Tenn.) cotton and corn

Flack is Norwegian  “by the water”

Spec J.K. Flack – Inn Keepers

Baxterville – “Devil’s backbone” area

Foster Creek logging area is now oil –Ovet/Bloget

Crosby, Miss. High School / Ruby”

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