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Chronicle of the Pfaundler Family from 1486 to 1914

The 1915 Pfaundler-Benedict Tree compiled by Leopold Pfaundler (b. 1839) was found in Hertha Eisenmenger Flack's personal papers. The 70 page leather bound book is the narrative used by Leopold Pfaundler to update the Pfaundler family tree. In German, the text is typeset in Fraktur font (a "Gothic Blackletter" style, common before 1941). We are seeking volunteers to translate this historical document into English, or even transcribe the Fraktur type into a contemporary font. Automated scanning technology (OCR) isn't adequate with the ornate letter forms.
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Ancestors of Jesse James Flack ... and beyond

James Flack (1708-1802) & Ann Baxter (1714-1801) - Ireland
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Missing Portraits

The Family Trees compiled by Leopold Pfaundler note that portraits are available of the following individuals:

Ulrich Pfawdler b. 1484
Theresia Zumbusch spouse of Georg Friedrich Escherich b. 1738

Let us know if you've seen them, or if they are available online.
Image of Margaret Bruce (1850-1900)

Wife of John Yancey Flack, mother of Jesse James Flack